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        Market risk has been repeatedly reminded before. If you listen to it, it is estimated that it will reduce its position long ago; if you don't listen to it, you may not hear it now. Before the small long holiday, the market takes a defensive attitude, investors maintain a cautious attitude, which is repeated before, not surprising.

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        First, whether it is the new energy vehicles that are dragged down by the high speed of securities companies, or the falling of new energy vehicles. In my personal opinion, it is the new energy vehicles that drag down the brokers. There are two reasons: first, from the timesharing chart, the new energy vehicles fell at least 6 minutes earlier than the securities companies, at this time, the securities companies were on the second attack; second, the operation of these two plates was not the all-round capital, the former has been adjusted for nearly 10 days and intends to attack again; the latter has been on the rise for nearly 10 days, with the short-term peaking.

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